Rewards Program

At Resler Orthodontics, we love making our patients smile; that’s why we are so excited about the Resler Rewards program for all of our outstanding patients! With Resler Rewards, you can earn points for being a top-notch patient. For example, patients earn points by coming on time for their appointments and by not having braces that are loose or broken.  You may log in to see the number of points in your account and browse through our rewards catalog; with hundreds of awesome rewards like game downloads, gift cards, accessories, and electronics, we know you’ll find something special.

How to Earn Points

With Resler Rewards, earning points is easy. Here are some of the ways you can earn points at your next appointment:

  • Start Treatment
  • Arrive On-Time
  • Don’t Miss Appointments
  • Don’t Loosen or Break Appliances
  • Wear Rubber Bands as Instructed
  • Maintain Great Oral Hygiene (A or B grade)
  • Maintain Regular Dental Cleanings
  • Achieve All A’s and B’s on Your Report Card
  • Check-In, Comment, or Like us on Facebook
  • Refer a Friend
  • Give us an Online Review
  • Be a Contest Winner

Click on the card below to login and start browsing through hundreds of reward options!