Why Choose Us

Why choose Resler Orthodontics, you ask? Let us tell you…

  • At Resler Orthodontics, we truly LOVE what we do… We are passionate about our patients and committed to their care.
  • We create beautiful, healthy smiles that encourage personal confidence and change lives.
  • Our two doctors, a talented husband and wife team, are highly trained and certified orthodontic specialists.
  • All of our staff members are carefully chosen and are friendly, compassionate, skilled, and professional.
  • We are known near and far for the remarkable results we achieve for our patients. A Resler Smile is like no other…
  • Our doctors examine more than just teeth. They fully evaluate each individual’s facial features in order to obtain an orthodontic outcome that enhances the patient’s overall appearance.
  • The doctors are dedicated to giving patients the smiles they desire and devote time at every visit to discuss treatment questions and concerns.
  • We aim to make orthodontic treatment affordable and achievable for all by offering a variety of payment plans and options.
  • We always use the latest and best orthodontic appliances so that appointments are as comfortable and convenient as possible.
  • We invest in advanced medical technology and are the only orthodontic office in the area with a Cone Beam CT machine (for x-rays). This allows us to attain the most diagnostic information in a way that reduces exposure to radiation and is safest for our patients.
  • At Resler Orthodontics, we genuinely care about every patient and strive to build lasting relationships with our patients and their families.
  • We work endlessly to ensure that getting and having braces is an enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone.
  • We have a warm, welcoming waiting area, where you can enjoy hot coffee and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies by our fireplace.
  • Our young patients and siblings are provided a fun place to play in our toddler toy room, while our teen and preteen patients are entertained in our television and game room.
  • We have a great rewards program where patients can earn prizes, and we conduct contests throughout the year for families and friends.
  • Resler Orthodontics continuously supports our community and sponsors countless activities for local schools and area organizations.
  • When you choose Resler Orthodontics, you become a part of an established family practice with a long-lasting, 40+ year history of caring for the people of Mid-Michigan, and you can be certain that we will continue to be here for you and your family for many, many years to come…